Heal: Five Minute Friday

It’s Friday and I’m coming to the page with a little less enthusiasm than a usual Friday. Maybe it’s the storms outside or the maybe it’s the storms online. The barrage of photos, articles, and memes reminding us that little children were under attack this week in their school. Regardless, this is a hard one so bear with me. This week as I join my Five Minute Friday link-up, our prompt is Heal.

How can we heal when bad men have guns?

When nothing’s been done.

This won’t be the last one.

Until something changes in our nation’s core,

Tragedies will continue to knock on the door.

I’ve been praying so much my knees are sore.

I’m scared as a teacher who has little ones.

And imagine scenarios incase someone comes.

Over and over I run through those plans.

That’s why healing is out of my hands.

So how can we heal when our tears will not stop?

When I shudder each time I hear a pop.

When I practice the drills and so do my kids.

This reality is too much.

Something must be done.

Because bad men should not have guns.

The Ameri Brit Mom

3 thoughts on “Heal: Five Minute Friday

  1. I wish that I could tell you
    that none of this is real.
    I wish that I could say it true,
    this nation’s gonna heal.
    I wish that I could turn time back
    to when we had a choice,
    to the days before we’d lack
    the courage and the voice
    to keep God at the table,
    to keep Him in the public square,
    to block, not to enable
    those among us who would air
    the hatred that would come to call
    the demons to the Monsters’ Ball.


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