A New Vitamin Journey

For too long I’ve dealt with the symptoms of an insufficient diet. Things like an achy gut, fatigue, and irritability have kept me from being able to truly enjoy life as it is meant to be. I’ve cut out dairy almost completely, and while it has definitely helped, I have noticed that lacking in those nutrients has contributed to other symptoms. For years, I have struggled to find a multivitamin that is tailored to my needs.

Enter Care/Of.

While scrolling on Instagram one day, I found this new(ish) company called Care/Of. It is a vitamin subcription company whose products are selected for you based on a short test. It takes five minutes to answer questions about your diet, lifestyle, and goals. The test is also free so if you are interested in your personal results try it out:

My results pointed toward a need for fish oil, probiotics, zinc, and a multivitamin with iron. Then the site provided me with information on all of these vitamins and gave me the opportunity to explore other products like protein powders, energy boosters, and merchandise.

Once I was happy with my order, I placed it and set up a recurring delivery schedule to ensure that I don’t run out at the end of the month. It is recommended to give it 2-3 months of daily intake before assessing the results. I will let you all know how I feel in a couple of months and whether or not Care/Of products are working for me.

So far, I can tell you that I love the fact that each day’s vitamins come in a sealed pack with my name and encouraging quote. The box is slim, cute, and biodegradable, which is a welcomed replacement to multiple bottles lined up on a counter or in a cupboard. I keep mine on my coffee counter and it is a cheerful addition to my morning routine.

Photo Credit: Care/Of Instagram

If you are interested, take the test! There is no obligation, but once you see the results and understand the benefits of certain vitamins, I’m sure you will be intrigued like I was and place that first order.

This post includes affliate links. I may receive compensation or customer credit when you use my links to make purchases on the Care/Of website. All opinions are honest and my own.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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