Lakeside Getaway

photo of Lake Erie and the waves crashing against large marble cliffs.

It was a very last minute trip. This weekend, we decided to cling to summer a little longer. In the span of just a couple of hours we packed bags, loaded the car and made the journey to Lakeside Chautauqua on Lake Erie. So much of the weekend was spent unplugged with family, but I escaped for a little while to a small garden and did some writing.

This is what filled my page during that time:

Open water with visible waves and a boat

I’m starting to feel the hints of fall turning the pages of summer to reveal a new season. But here, the flowers still bloom. The boats still ride the waves. And the sun still turns my skin a warm copper tone.

Here I am not worried about work or expectations. I’m not anxious about a diagnosis or waiting for the next hiccup–inevitably caused by mistakes of my own doing.

The pace is still slow here. It’s quiet and gorgeous. It’s somehow only 7pm. What a time trap! Life moves slower here on the lake. It is beautiful and perfect and exactly what I needed.

In the distance, I see the lighthouse of Kelly’s Island guiding sailors to a remote slice of land. I hear cricuts and crashing waves. I smell the salty fish. I taste the strong cold brew that I just got from the local coffee shop.

Me holding a cold brew coffee with Lake Erie in the background

It’s breezy here on the edge of the land-on a bench at the memory gardens-where the footpath meets the edge of the marble cliffs. It is here where I find the peace that I’ve been chasing for the past few weeks. Each boat that passes, breaks the water and reminds me that summer is still here. She’s packed her bags and put them by the door–she’s departing soon–but she’s still here.

I feel at home and captured by God here. I feel wrapped up and covered. All of the questions of faith come to a head and find answers here. Like the waves and cricuts, God sees me. He knows me. He knows how my heart wrestles with a broken world. I’m still a little broken here, but I feel so whole.

family photo with Lake Erie in the background

May you find a place to cling to summer this week. Take a moment when you feel it and capture your thoughts. Write them down or record them on your phone. Search for the moments to honor with your attention and give those moments a chance to breathe.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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