Root: Five Minute Friday

Happy Friday! I’ve been less present than usual as I’ve worked to settle in to a new school year. Now that August is in the rearview, I hope to return to my usual writing routines. This week I’m excited to be back with my Five Minute Friday community. Our prompt is Root.

vase with a plant inside that has a long root.

I’ve struggled the past few weeks to stay disciplined. My favorite hobbies and activities have taken a backseat to the school year as it unfolded. Much of the free time that I’m used to having for ME was spent preparing (or surviving) the beginning of a new school year. Now that the calendar says “September”, I can begin to put down roots and return to the activities that bring me joy.



-Bullet Journaling

-Meal Prepping

-Working out



August is usually spent carving up and assembling a foundation for the next nine months of the school year. Extra energy goes into planning and implementing strategies for student learning to take root. I come home exhausted each day and my vocal chords are always aching.

As for this year’s students, I am very pleased. They come to class eager to learn and ask great questions during lessons. Their roots have been planted and now is the time to return to my roots. To writing. To editing. To reading. To bullet journaling. To meal prepping. To working out. To art. To organizing.

How can you return to your roots in this new month?

The Ameri Brit Mom

6 thoughts on “Root: Five Minute Friday

  1. I’m down with Bullet Journaling,
    the keeping of statistics
    of the experiential learning
    about bullet ballistics,
    of how to make efficient
    (and live the lessons large)
    the section coefficient
    best marched to powder charge,
    but somehow I don’t really think
    that’s quite what you were meaning,
    so I tried another link
    for digi-knowledge-gleaning
    and learned from Oprah (yep, none less!)
    how far afield was my first guess.


  2. I totally relate to your post! I’m a teacher, speech therapist, and mom. My calenar is settling in. I stay rooted in Him as much as possible so that I can swim and not sink LOL! 🙂 Happy Friday! Jennifer, Your FMF Neighbor


  3. Even though my days do not revolve around school days anymore….the change of seasons always causes a shift in my priorities and takes a bit of settling/unsettling and rerooting. Here’s to a great school year ahead!!


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