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English Rain Jacket

Inevitably it’s been a cool and rainy stay thus far in England. With only a few downpours we’ve been graced with more of the drizzle type of rain. Not enough to change our plans, but enough to be quite annoying. For a while I’ve been in need of some nice rain gear. I purchased Sperry rain boots this spring, but held off on a jacket for my trip to England. I really wanted to buy an English style rain jacket.

I ended up finding a lightweight olive colored rain jacket at Primark for nine pounds (or roughly $15.) Primark is a store unlike anything we have in America. The shop has fashionable and affordable clothes and home decor. It’s one of my favorite shopping spots when I visit each year. I was drawn to this jacket because it folds into its pocket for an easy pack in the suitcase for my journey home.

This jacket has a cinch waist, large hood, thin lining, and front pockets. It isn’t meant for a cold rain, but rather for the warmer rains of the English summer. It’s trendy and performs its function well. Another successful Primark purchase for me!

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Stalking My Prey: A Narrative on Purchasing a Jacket :)

It is officially fall now and so we’re on to one of my favorite fashion seasons of the year. I love everything about fall fashion: boots, leggings, scarves, jackets, sweaters, and cardigans. A few months ago I was thinking about fall jackets and realized that I have neglected to buy myself a jacket in five years and all the ones I own are old and worn out. So I had been on the prowl. As the shops began to put jackets on display I caught myself stalking my prey. Until last weekend I still had not found the perfect jacket for me. All of that ended when I walked into Target.

I gravitated instantly to a cute, unique, black fleece jacket. I imagined how adorable this jacket would look paired with leggings and boots and then I was hooked. I checked the price tag and found out that the cost was $44.99. It was a decent price, but one that  I walked away from at the time. I snapped a picture of the jacket tag on my phone for later reference, but convinced myself to return to the original purpose of this shopping trip: diapers.

The next day, I sat reading a book and my mind wandered back to the jacket. I grabbed my laptop and headed over to the Target website and pulled up the jacket using the picture of the tag I had taken. Lo and behold, the jacket was on sale for $30.00!  I didn’t need any more convincing that this was destined to be mine. I added the jacket to my online grocery cart and within minutes I had purchased it.

Two days later the anticipated box arrived bearing the jacket I had gifted myself. I tried it on and fell in love all over again. The inside is lined with fleece and is so comfortable and cozy. Now, all I’m waiting on is the weather to cool down a bit so that I can head outside in my new jacket!

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