Capsule Wardrobe Tips + Template

In December of 2020, I embarked on a journey to curate a capsule wardrobe for myself. Inspired by Courtney Carver’s Project 333, I decided to clear out my closet and take a more ethical approach to clothing choices.

To read my initial post (my most popular post of all time) check out Project 333: A Book Review.

I’ve learned a few things and tailored the Project 333 approach to fit my needs and lifestyle. Below is The Ameri Brit Mom’s best tips for creating your own Capsule Wardrobe and a special template.

Tips to Start a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Begin by defining how long your capsule wardrobe will serve you. I live in the midwest and the weather cycles match the changing seasons. With that in mind, I kept the suggested timeline of 3 months for a capsule.
  2. Set aside “out of season” clothing in a storage bin or tote out of sight. You will be less likely to go searching for a piece if it is out of the way.
  3. Recycle or donate clothing that does not make the cut. If a piece makes it through a whole year without being in the capsule, it’s time to part ways.
  4. Figure out a number of pieces that meets your needs. Consider events, holidays, or professional needs when setting those numbers. Project 333 would encourage 33 pieces, but I found that some seasons I needed more and others I needed less.
  5. Try to stick to a neutral color scheme so that most pieces can be worn in combination together. It’s okay to have a few pieces with bright colors or prints, but the majority of the capsule should be on the neutral spectrum.

Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Each day I spend far less time than I used to trying to “put an outfit together.” I can spend more time doing other things I enjoy rather than pondering over what to wear.
  2. My eco-footprint is reduced because I own less and it takes less to power and energy to maintain the pieces in my wardrobe.
  3. The choices I make in purchasing are based on comfort and durability and not on trends. This saves a lot of time and money!
  4. Every day I am wearing one of my favorite pieces! I only keep those pieces that I absolutely LOVE. It’s not worth the time and space to hang on to pieces with sentimental value or that make me feel bad about my body shape or size. I love every piece and they each make me feel fantastic about ME.

Capsule Wardrobe Template

Are you interested in creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself?

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned since 2020 and made a template to help you get started on a capsule wardrobe journey.

You can download this template when you join my Patreon. I can also customize your template to meet your needs (FREE TO PATRONS!) In addition to gaining this template and others like it, you will be joining a community of supportive readers.

Patreon is helping The Ameri Brit Mom launch as a small business and is cultivating a direct relationship between myself as a creator and my community. Additionally, I offer writing and editing services monthly and a short story is published once a month that is exclusive to this group.

Whether you choose to join the Patreon or not, I hope that my tips have helped you to consider your own wardrobe. Are you happy with the amount you own? Do you love every piece? Is there a piece or two that you can get rid of today because it no longer serves your needs? That’s what capsule wardrobes are all about–conscious choices that simplify closet spaces.

The Ameri Brit Mom


Declutter and Donation Hunt– AKA my greatest Mom Hack

If you have been tracking with me and my battle against consumerism you may be wondering how I plan to survive the impending holidays all while trying to own less and make responsible decisions for the environment. At this time, I am still trying to gather tips and do my best, but I am also aware that even focusing on ONE element of change at a time can make a difference.

Right now, my focus is on clothing. [check out my post on Project 333 for more details]

Taking the principles of Project 333, you can begin to eliminate excess in other parts of your life. I wanted to share an activity our family did this weekend. We had a great time competing with one another for a cause. In the end, we donated two baskets of items to the local thrift store and threw away/recycled two trash bags worth of “stuff” that was taking up space in our home. We have a long way to go, but I will definitely call this a successful Mom Hack.

Declutter and Donation Hunt


2 laundry baskets

2 pieces of colored paper



How it works:

  1. Create a list of items or areas of your home that need to be cleared out or decluttered (examples: bookshelves, DVDs, picture boxes, medicine cabinets etc.)
  2. Divide your family into teams. We did kids verses parents, but do what makes the most sense for your family.
  3. Decide on a reward. For our family we decided that the winning team picked a Christmas movie and snack for after the hunt.
  4. Create the parameters. We decided that the girls had to work upstairs only and that gave Mom and Dad more space and also kept them from seeing all of the items. We also used Alexa to time us. We had ONE HOUR to complete all ten tasks. [Alexa also provided a good Christmas ambiance while we worked]
  5. Explain the purpose. Before we began our family competition we talked to our girls about the purpose behind the activity. We explained that once something went into the basket it could not come out so they needed to be sure of their decisions. It is also important to discuss how someone else may be in greater need or want of certain items. Our oldest has a pretty good grasp on the concept of service and we have spent the holiday season discussing that MORE items doesn’t equate to MORE happiness. Our youngest is still too young to comprehend serving others, but she followed our example and got joy from helping big sis.
  6. Ready. Set. Go!

Team Mom and Dad were defeated by Team Moon [their chosen name] in the end. The girls flew through their list and collected so many old toys and cleared up areas of the upstairs in desperate need of TLC.

So as we sat down to watch an Elf Story and eat our ice cream [dairy free, of course] we reflected on the activity. We talked about how good it felt to give some of our things a new home. But it wasn’t until my girls asked…

“Mommy, can we do it again!?!”

that I realized just how successful this had been. Not only does the house seem a little lighter, but my heart does as well. I am raising some fantastic humans who know how to feel empathy and give to others.

The Ameri Brit Mom