Another Busy Weekend

Today is the first official day of Spring. Hallelujah!

Luckily we’ve experienced some lovely spring weather in Ohio for a little over a week now. The only thing that I’m not crazy about when it comes to the changing of seasons is the seasonal allergies I experience along with the beautiful weather. It makes it a little harder to enjoy time outside, but I’ve been working on some remedies to help me out.

For me, I have the biggest issue with my sinuses. I experience sinus pressure, watery eyes and headaches. Since I have recently begun to use Essential Oils I found an attack method that works better than Vicks at clearing my sinuses. I have been taking my normal facial moisturizer and adding 1-2 drops of lavender Essential Oils and applying the mixture to my face and feet. I specifically massage it into the sinus and forehead area. I can instantly feel the difference! Over the past week or so I’ve been repeating this process a couple of times a day. It works wonders with clearing up the unpleasant stuffiness and pressure. (I’ve read that you can do the same thing with Melaluca oil, but I don’t currently have that oil so lavender works just fine.)

Beyond the beautiful sunshine and weather in spring I love building a wardrobe full of bright and vibrant colors. This is especially fun when it comes to dressing a toddler. I love shopping and fashion, but not spending too much on clothes so I love looking for Spring sales and it looks like many of my favorite stores are doing big sales this weekend…so guess who is going shopping 🙂

This is a somewhat busy weekend for us as we have a family birthday celebration and my husband has two basketball shows tomorrow. As always my family is nothing if not busy. The struggle with this busy schedule will be fitting time in to do some overdue home cleaning.

This fall my husband and I began a Saturday morning routine that has been successful apart from during basketball season when he has early practice and/or games. We each have a list of tasks we work on and generally all of these things can be conquered before noon leaving us the rest of the day to get out and do something we enjoy.

My jobs: I stay home and get caught up on laundry, pay bills, clean the house and vacuum.

My husband’s jobs: I’m not sure if my husband really enjoys grocery shopping, but it beats cleaning in his mind so every week his job is to take the grocery list I’ve made up and purchase the weekly or biweekly groceries. He also does all the dishes. Early in our marriage we made the decision that he would always do the dishes and I would always do and fold the laundry. It works for us.

How do you divide and conquer tasks in your home? What plans do you have for the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Another Busy Weekend

  1. I never thought that I would take on generised cleaning role when I moved in with a partner, but something it happened anyway. The H2B takes the bins and recycling out on bin day, he generally does the cleaning of the bathroom…and he cleans the cars. I do most of the hoovering and the cleaning of clothes (the H2B will put the clothes through the wash but seems to have an aversion to putting them away). I do most of the washing up and the cleaning on the kitchen.

    He will do more than I’ve mentioned but only if I ask him to do so.

    I actually really enjoy cleaning and find it very therapeutic. Today I have cleaned my fridge and hoovered out the durst behind the radiators!

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  2. We have “assigned” chores too. It works out really well that we both hate doing different chores. He’s the dog poop/garbage/dishes guy. I get the vacuuming/bathrooms/laundry. Although it usually leads to a lot of really mature discussions lol. “I’m not doing the dishes til you finish folding the laundry!” haha. Yes, we are 5. And thats ok 🙂

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