Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag
As you know I am in major packing mode as the date for our family departure nears. This year I will be tagging along my new laptop on the adventure and I’m looking for some ideas on a handy and cute bag to purchase that will keep my laptop safe and secure during the journey. I looked around the Polyvore site and found several different types of bags. My question for you readers is which of the bags above do you think is the most functional way to keep my “baby” safe and protected? I’ve never purchased a laptop bag. That may be lame to say. I’ve never really needed one, but now that my blog is booming and I’m in the habit of posting nearly every day it has become a necessity. Please comment below with the bag you like most. I’m so excited to be able to travel and continue to keep up with my writing!

H M coffee cups and saucer
$11 –

Starfish wall art

Vera Bradley tablet bag

Laptop bag

Solo laptop tote bag

Speck transparent bag

3 thoughts on “Laptop Bag

  1. I do have a laptop bag but it is not nearly as cute as these lol. The one reason why I keep it around instead of getting a new cuter version is because it really is sturdy. Where you put the laptop there is straps that keep it secure. In the other side there is a big pocket to put your cords, mouse, etc. I always feel better knowing it is strapped in so it doesn’t slide around. I really like them all but I would have to say the Vera Bradley bag is my fave because it has extra pockets for accessories.


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