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Cozy New Floor

A year and a half ago my husband and I signed over our lives to the idea of becoming first time homeowners. Neither of us are naturally “do-it-yourself” people so the prospect of being in charge of everything for the first time was a bit nerve-wracking. However, God had led us to our house and we believed that he would be in control through the ride of home ownership.

Off the bat there were some things we wanted to accomplish with the house to make it feel like our own. They were all small things like paint and cosmetic work. Nothing that we weren’t confident in handling.

Within six months of moving we began to notice that the carpet in the living room was in pretty bad shape. The previous homeowner had a dog and in various places he had ripped up the carpet. When we brought our cat, Simba, into the home it only accentuated the problem. And for almost a year we had a beautiful home with embarrassingly terrible carpet in the most visited room of the house. We decided to save up to do something about this problem.

This year in late October we were able to purchase wood laminate. We made our way to Lowes one Sunday after church and bought thirteen boxes of laminate. As a couple we had a little dilemma when it came to installing the floor. To have the professionals at Lowes install the floor it doubled the price of the entire thing. So (against my initial judgment) we decided to take on the floors on our own. And when I mean on our own I am really referring to my husband who did all the work.

We enlisted the help of one of our best family friends and we scheduled a date over Christmas break to say good-bye to the torn and stained carpet and hello to the beautiful fireside oak we had purchased.

It took nine hours, but was well worth the money we saved in the decision to have my husband install the flooring. I took our daughter shopping with my family for the day so we were out of the way. When we returned I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

My floor went from this:



To this:



I’m so proud of my husband for the willingness to put in the hard work required to make this transformation happen. Friends are also and awesome thing and I am thankful that we have friends who were willing to help out and teach my husband a little something about wood laminate installation.

What do you think of our cozy new floor?

Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to 2016 with you!!

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Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag
As you know I am in major packing mode as the date for our family departure nears. This year I will be tagging along my new laptop on the adventure and I’m looking for some ideas on a handy and cute bag to purchase that will keep my laptop safe and secure during the journey. I looked around the Polyvore site and found several different types of bags. My question for you readers is which of the bags above do you think is the most functional way to keep my “baby” safe and protected? I’ve never purchased a laptop bag. That may be lame to say. I’ve never really needed one, but now that my blog is booming and I’m in the habit of posting nearly every day it has become a necessity. Please comment below with the bag you like most. I’m so excited to be able to travel and continue to keep up with my writing!

H M coffee cups and saucer
$11 –

Starfish wall art

Vera Bradley tablet bag

Laptop bag

Solo laptop tote bag

Speck transparent bag