“The British Are Coming; The British Are Coming!”

As Paul Revere rode through the countryside announcing the arrival of the British Troops he struck up fear and called the men of the colonies to arms. Today, I run through the house borrowing the words of Mr. Revere. I’m calling out, “The British Are Coming; The British Are Coming…” but these words are met with a much different response. It is not a call to fear and defense it is a call to relax. It is a call which warrants the cheering and jumping of my toddler. One which makes her scream and dance with joy.

Today as these words echo through my home I am not announcing the advance of a tyrannical group of men, but rather the arrival of my dearly loved and admired mother-in-law. Now, before you think I am likening my MIL to the forces of the British Troops who sought to stamp out the independence of the colonies, please know that I am only jesting. I’m a history nerd who oftentimes misrepresents historical events for my own amusement.

My mother-in-law currently lives in Eastleigh, England. She is a nursery worker and she does a fabulous job in this profession. She is a kind-hearted British woman and every moment I get to spend with her is a blessing. This week happens to be the Pumpkin Show, a famous festival in my hometown. For years my MIL has been wanting to attend the Pumpkin Show so in an act of spontaneity she booked a flight this week and is arriving later today. I’m really looking forward to a week off of work with my family and MIL. There are so many wonderful and fun things that the Pumpkin Show brings every year and so I am looking forward to sharing those things with her.

Now, it’s off to finish setting up the Guest Bedroom.

“The British Are Coming; The British Are Coming!”


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