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Stitch Fix #2

After a long and emotional week I was excited to be greeted at my front door by my Stitch Fix #2. I had returned home from my Great-Grandmother’s funeral and found my much-anticipated Stitch Fix box. Nothing cures a rough week like a little retail therapy. Over the past few weeks I have corresponded with my stylist about the upcoming Pumpkin Show and my need for warmer, layering pieces. I fell in love with all five pieces I received this week. I’m excited to share them with you.

Before I show you what I received let me first explain. Stitch Fix is a company that uses surveys and algorithms to hand-select clothing and accessories to deliver to your door. Each fix is a $20.00 delivery charge which can be applied to your purchases. If there is anything in your fix that you do not wish to purchase you simply return those items in the envelope provided in the fix. You have three days to make your decisions and return those things you do not want. If you are interested click here to give it a try. To begin, you will create a profile by completing a survey about your personal style. Additionally, you have an opportunity to communicate directly with your stylist to request specific items or styles. You can also select the frequency of your Stitch Fix arrivals. For me, I’ve enjoyed the treat of receiving hand selected pieces every other month.

So, here is a look at my Stitch Fix #2:


I’ll begin with the members of the box which I chose to keep. The first item I kept was one that I specifically requested- MTLA Kristin Fleece Leggings. They are unbelievably warm and comfortable. There was no convincing me when it came to this pair of leggings. From the moment I opened the box I knew I’d be purchasing them. I get cold extremely easily and absolutely love soft and comfortable materials from which these leggings are made.

IMG_1784 IMG_1779

Next, I totally love this Skies are Blue Viper Plaid Split Neck Blouse. Lately, I’ve really been into the plaid look. This fabric was durable and comfortable and I felt that it was very flattering to my figure. Some plaid shirts this season are just not feminine enough for me and my personal style, but this shirt is a perfect balance of comfortable and cute (not to mention its versatility.)


The next item that I decided to purchase was this 41Hawthorne Queensland Dolman Jersey Top. This particular top is a beautiful plum color; a gorgeous fall hue. This top can be worn as a casual piece, but can also be easily dressed up with the right shoes and jewelry.

I chose based on money and not quality to return two of my items. I go into each fix with a limit and so it was much harder to make the decisions about what to keep and what to return in order to adhere to that limit. If money wasn’t an issue I would have kept all five items this time around, however, limitations are a good self-discipline so these are my two items I gave back.

IMG_1783 IMG_1778

I truly did enjoy this hooded knit top, but when given the choice between this and the Dolman top I had to go with the latter. The top above is beautifully casual and comfortable. I wish that I could have kept it, but it was a causality in the decision process.


This last item that I chose to return is Octavia’s Sandra Abstract Print Infinity Scarf. This scarf was warm, cute, and fuzzy. However, as I’m quite the scarf collector already I found it hard to keep a scarf over one of the tops above.

Overall, I was much more pleased with Stitch Fix #2 than the first. I spent a little more time communicating my wardrobe needs prior to the sending of my fix which led to harder decisions and an overall better experience. I’ve learned that communication is key. One way I’ve utilized the Stylist services is by providing my stylist with a link to my Pinterest board. They were able to see specific styles I was interested in and they recreated some of those looks with the five pieces I received.

Remember, if you are interested in giving Stitch Fix a try to use this special link to give me credit for spreading the word!

The Ameri Brit Mom

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5 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #2

  1. I’m curious how your leggings have held up. After only wearing mine three times (and hand washing, laying flat to dry) they are pretty pilly. 😦 they are still super comfortable, but don’t look as good. Wondering if I’m the only one…


    1. Mine have kept their comfort and warmth. I would wear my pair everyday if I could. But, I know what you mean about them losing their shape a bit after washing. I’ve followed the instructions to a T and I’ve struggled to get them back to their original shape. It must be the fabric.

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