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Ringing in NaNoWriMo

In the writing world the month of November is known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo.) All over the world writers commit to spending time each day in the month of November working towards the completion of the first draft of a novel. I am planning to participate in NaNoWriMo in a small way this year by beginning the writing of my second novel, The Walk from Winleigh. I’m not entirely sure that by the end of the month I will have finished the entire first draft, but I am committing to making serious progress and focusing on fiction writing this month.

In honor of NaNoWriMo I have decided to post a little glimpse into this tale. The main character is Ainsley Saintclaire. She is from inner city America, but travels to England with her parents in the year 2035 after the death of her grandmother. What she encounters is beyond anything she expects. Here’s my teaser:

I tugged on my tattered shoe laces with considerable force. The journey ahead of me would require much from my combat boots. It was a two day walk to London from Winleigh, but if I had any hope of finding Mom and Dad it was absolutely necessary.

I closed the door of Grandma’s flat unsure if I would ever return. I took an extra long moment to leave her front porch. I took in the smell of the flowers in the pot under the window. They were the only signs of life around me. Above, the sky was grey and the street was littered with broken glass and neglect. If I ever made it back to Winleigh chances are this road would be only a memory. Things were getting worse by the minute. I had to leave now.

The light of the moon peaked through the clouds. I had approximately six hours before the rising of the sun and by then I would be halfway to Saliston, and could rest under the cover of some brush. I tapped my pocket. I could feel the folds of the map I had ripped out of an old atlas in Grandma’s library. My route had been drawn out as I planned to stay parallel to the M5, but out of sight in case a vehicle would brave the motorway. 

My feet finally descended the porch in front of 4 Wilson Road and dodging the light from the solar street lamps I set off toward London. 

It is unlawful to plagiarize any of the original work from The Ameri Brit Mom. No permission is given to reuse this text or ideas without written consent. Always give credit where credit is due.


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