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Dressing and Educating: Days 47-51


Day 47: October 24, 2016

It’s always a little rough waking up early after a long break. This morning was a bit of a struggle, but once I was in my classroom it was back to the routine like time never passed. Today my English classes finished Of Mice and Men. It took a few minutes for the dramatic ending to really sink in, but the classes wanted to talk about and debate the way things ended up for Lennie and George. This gave me the idea for an argumentative writing that we will start next. In Honors World History, we wrapped up our discussion of Latin American revolutions so that tomorrow we can go full steam ahead into the French Revolution.

The dress I wore today was a gift from years ago. It’s super comfy and I love it as a transitional piece with brown leggings.


Day 48: October 25, 2016

The foggy and frost covered morning was a foreshadowing for the rest of my day. Yesterday was great. I felt productive and energetic all day. Alas, Tuesday has stolen my energy. After being out of school for an entire week it has been difficult adjusting back to my schedule. You would think that a week couldn’t make that much of an impact, but I am not kidding when I say I nearly nodded off when my students were taking a quiz. I’m always early to bed compared to others, but I have a feeling that tonight I’ll be asleep earlier than normal.

In English my students were in the library where the school librarian book talked a few new books and provided them an opportunity to browse and read. One thing I am proud of in my classroom is the way that my students are engaged in reading outside of school. Today a former student saw my classes in the library and stopped in to tell me how much they missed reading in my class. My goal as a teacher is not only to instruct on my content, but also to help my students develop reading habits of their own. I regularly provide time for students to read and discuss books of their own choosing.

My hair is finally growing and I’ve been playing with some different hairstyles recently. I purchased a Revlon 1″ straightener and have begun doing different curls using my straightener. I love the body of the curls I receive from using this tool. They are unique and light. One thing I like about using a straightener to curl is that it doesn’t take any longer than straightening my hair does. I’m excited that I finally have the motion down because that is the hardest part.

Today I wore navy slacks from Old Navy, a striped sweater from Primark in England, and my cargo vest from Stitch Fix. (use my link to create an account with Stitch Fix and I will receive credit or compensation for the referral)


Day 49: October 26, 2016

My Wednesday was spent discussing symbolism from Of Mice and Men in English and tracing the history of the Bourbon kings of France in Honors world History. At times, conversations were deep. Connections were made to our present world. Laughter was sprinkled into conversations. Today was a day that reminded me why I love to teach ninth grade. Students have the ability to hold intelligent conversations about subject matter relevant to their lives with maturity and a bit of humor. It was a great day as a teacher.

I wore my Lula Roe Irma top today paired with khaki leggings and booties. I felt comfortable as I led discussions all day.


Day 50: October 27, 2016

Last night I went to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes event and spoke briefly to the group about the upcoming retreat. This is the first year since I began teaching that I am not the adviser for the club. I decided that I needed the extra time with my family. Although I miss the club and students dearly I also know that having one less activity/responsibility has really helped this school year go smoothly thus far.

Today, I collected forms for the retreat, reviewed Of Mice and Men, and examined the three-estate system of the old regime in France. My classes required a lot of talking on my part today, but true learning was taking place as students asked thought provoking questions and responded to higher level thinking questions.

I tried to brighten my dark outfit today with a pop of pink. I wore black skinny-cut slacks from The Limited, a black lace top from Old Navy, a black and white cardigan from Primark in England and a pink tank from Faded Glory. I finished today’s look with a pair of black boots, and jewelry to match the pink tank. I cannot believe that I am fifty days into the school year. Time is really flying by.


Day 51: October 28, 2016

Today was such a fun and energetic Friday.

In English the students took a test over the book, Of Mice and Men. Overall they did really well and exceeded expectation. I did not anticipate how well students were going to like the book this year. In the past I have taught numerous classics which the students struggle to appreciate. I am pleased with the connections my students felt to this book and plan to keep this novella as part of my regular curriculum in the future.

In History we learned about the Tennis Court Oaths which took place just before the French Revolution outside the meeting of the Estates-General. The students spent part of the class period crafting historically accurate grievances against the king and on Monday we will be traveling to the school tennis courts to read our oaths and reenact that moment in history.

On this casual Friday I wore a three-quarter sleeved sweater from Old Navy, Just Black skinny jeans from Stitch Fix, and boots.

Overall it was a great week of content and interaction with students. I was highly motivated and enjoyed coming to work each and every day. Here’s another look at my outfits for the week. Which style do you prefer?


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