My Echelon/Pelaton Journey

At the start of the year, my husband and I were looking for no excuses for skipping our time at the gym. We wanted to find a way to ensure our daily workouts happened without the weather or kids’ schedules keeping us from taking care of our own bodies. At an after-Christmas sale we decided to invest in an Echelon Connect Sport bike.

We were drawn to the sleek design and the compatibility to use alongside other apps or programs. This bike had most of the features of the popular Pelaton bikes, but was a fraction of the cost. A couple thousand dollars for a stationary bike just didn’t fit into our travel-centric family budget so Echelon met all of our needs while also fitting into the financial boundaries we built around our family’s goals.

The bike now sits in our bedroom right next to the bed. To prevent damage to our new bedroom carpet we also purchased workout flooring on Amazon. My husband chose to place the bike in our room because there is truly NO EXCUSE not to hop on every day. Even twenty minutes of solid riding can burn a couple hundred calories.

Echelon has their own app with workouts, but it is more expensive than the popular Pelaton App. (They are running a special right now for two months of free app membership.)

I highly recommend. (No, I’m not getting paid for saying that!)

The Echelon bike is built in such a similar fashion as the Pelaton that we are able to complete the app’s workouts while riding our bike. The only thing we are unable to do without the Pelaton bike is join the Leaderboards. Otherwise, we are able to place the workouts on our devices (television, phone, or iPad) and go!

I track my rides using Strava. This is the app I use for my outdoor rides and other workouts too because it tracks my progress and is a digital workout journal. If you use Strava, add me!

I have done ten rides now and I wanted to share my Echelon/Pelaton beginner update:

Rides: 10 since January 10, 2022

Miles: 61 miles

Longest Ride: 8.09 miles/30:52

Time on bike: 4 hours

Favorite ride: 20 minute Groove Ride (Cody Rigsby choreography ride)

Favorite instructor: Cody Rigsby

I would love to hear from other Echelon or Pelaton riders. Also, I am looking to build my Strava community to help encourage me to be accountable for my rides to someone other than just myself.

One more thing, if you have used the Pelaton app, what is your favorite ride? I am really looking for some challenging, fun, and motivational rides.

The Ameri Brit Mom

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