Enneagram Nine

Today, I am bringing you the final installment in my series based on the book The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron. Over the past several months, I have read this book and summarized the information for each of the nine Enneagram types in easy-to-understand graphics.

Here are all of the other Enneagram Types:

Enneagram One

Enneagram Two

Enneagram Three

Enneagram Four

Enneagram Five

Enneagram Six

Enneagram Seven

Enneagram Eight

Although I have finished this particular text, there are a lot of tools out there for learning about the Enneagram personalities and the personal growth that occurs from knowing your type. I plan to continue this journey of learning and I will absolutely share more in the future about the Enneagram.

Enneagram Nine: The Peacemaker

Triad–The Anger or Gut Triad (8,9,1)

Security Number– When Nines are feeling healthy and balanced they lean into the positive attributes of a Three (The Performer).

Stress Number- When Nines are stressed and living in an unhealthy mind space, they take on the less desirable attributes of a Six (The Loyalist).

Deadly Sin- Sloth

The Ameri Brit Mom

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